Terms & Conditions

1. General

A) The PMB-Card shop is an independent website and has no direct connection to PourMyBeer USA.
B) Operator of the website is the company Redl GbmH with headquarter in Austria.
C) Each sale and dispatch takes place from Austria.

2. Customer Data

A) In order to place an order, it is necessary to provide all customer data. This applies for a correct billing address as well as for the correct shipping address.
B) Each customer is responsible for the correctness of the input of his data. – In case of incorrect information there will be no refund of possible additional costs.

3. Orders In General

A) All orders for cards are placed entirely at the customer’s own risk.
B) The Customer must ensure that he orders the right cards for his system. If the customer is not sure, he must ask the seller of the system about the type of card. A distinction of the card types can also be found here: ___
C) The customer submits the desired design for printing independently and on his own responsibility.
D) Customer-specific card designs are checked before each print.
– D1) Should the design appear to be in OK, the produtction process beginns immediately.
– D2) If there are any problems with the design, the customer will be informed immediately and asked for clarification.
E) The minimum order quantity via the shop is 200 cards.

4. Ordering Procedure

A) An order can only be placed via a logged in customer.
B) The customer chooses his desired cards on his own responsibility and submits the desired design.
C) The customer checks all data before the final purchase confirmation.
D) An order is paid directly after confirmation exclusively via PayPal. For other payment options please contact us.
E) The order is received directly by us and will be checked and processed by us not later than the next working day.
F) If there are any questions regarding the order, the customer will be contacted immediately. Should everything be in ok, the order will be released directly for production.
G) Any kind of problems (card design, ambiguities, etc.) will delay the entire delivery time of the order.
H) For smaller orders (up to approx. 300 cards), shipping is usually within one week. Larger orders will be shipped about 2-3 weeks after the order.

5. Card Design

A) The card design is created by the customer himself and uploaded during the ordering process.
B) Each design will be checked by us and if there are any questions, we will contact the customer directly. – This leads to delays in the entire production and shipping process.
C) For a correct design please use those settings:
Size: 85.5 x 54 mm
Resolution: at least 300 dpi
Permitted files: JPG, PNG, PDF, PSD, EPS, AI, TIF, PNG

6. Payment

A) We only accept PayPal as payment method. For optional alternative please contact us.
B) The payment is made directly with the completion of the order.

7. Shipping

A) For smaller orders (up to approx. 300 cards), dispatch is usually within one week. Larger orders will be shipped about 2-3 weeks after the order.
B) Shipment is usually made by DHL or TNT and is handled exclusively by Express.
C) For orders of less than 500 cards, a shipping fee will be charged automatically. For orders over 500 cards, shipping is free of charge.
D) Each completed order is concluded with a shipping notification including tracking number.
E) Any customs duties or taxes have to be paid by the customer himself.

8. Returning & Refunds

A) A return can only be arranged if the cards do not work (manufacturer error). The cards will then be checked and replaced if necessary.
B) Returns due to incorrectly ordered card types or an incorrectly submitted design are not permitted. The same applies to refunds. Each card is made individually for a customer with a special design and cannot be reused.
C) A refund of the amount is not possible. If cards are defective, they will be replaced.

9. Contact

A) If you have any questions, please contact us: https://pourmybeer.shop/contact/
B) Due to time differences, processing your email may take a little longer, but will definitely take place within 24 hours (on business days).